Why the Sprint Goal is not an artifact in Scrum
Sprint Goal in red letters on white post it note, on a wooden wall with other post it notes around it

After reading fellow PST Piyush’s blog on the Sprint Goal and why he believes it is not defined as an artifact, I shared my own insights in a comment. Re-reading my own words, they seem potentially valuable as a seperate publication. So below is that comment, as a Blog. The Sprint Goal is not an […]

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Sprint Goal in Scrum: Whose responsibility is it?

The elusive Scrum Sprint Goal. One of those practices in Scrum that is often neglected or struggled with. Which is a shame since Scrum Teams can benefit greatly from the much needed Focus it provides, when used properly. Recently an aspiring Scrum Master asked me: “Who makes the sprint goal? In the training we discussed the PO makes it, […]

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