Is Scrum hurting your agility?
how did this even happen - two batons one runner

By Chris Lukassen & Sjoerd Kranendonk By now, most organisations are using Scrum, however, many of them feel like the agility of their organisation has degraded, and they might be right! Often, using Scrum starts out as a way to improve development efforts coordinated within an IT division or department, but that is not the […]

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The Scrum Definition of Done is not a User Story element

The Definition of Done in Scrum is a super powerful artefact to create transparency around what needs to be delivered to consider a unit of work ‘done’. Meaning, no more work is needed on this item for it to potentially deliver value through a customer release. The concept helps with forecasting, increased transparency and fosters collaboration […]

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Sprint Goal in Scrum: Whose responsibility is it?

The elusive Scrum Sprint Goal. One of those practices in Scrum that is often neglected or struggled with. Which is a shame since Scrum Teams can benefit greatly from the much needed Focus it provides, when used properly. Recently an aspiring Scrum Master asked me: “Who makes the sprint goal? In the training we discussed the PO makes it, […]

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