On this page you find the Purpose statement of Sjoerd Kranendonk. This is not an ‘about Sjoerd‘ page, but I have one of those too. This is more like a Product Vision or a Mission statement. Learn more about the idea of publishing a Purpose statement at slashpurpose.org

Enabling Better Outcomes through Empiricism & Compassion

I want to contribute to a world where people and organizations address real customer needs by balancing Empiricism & Compassion. Help others approach product development in a holistic way by preventing potentially wasteful local optimization and optimizing our effort to improve the whole.


  • Putting outcomes over outputs;
  • Make status, outcomes and plans transparent for those involved;
  • Inspect outcomes, outputs, process and interactions frequently;
  • Adapt by investing in small steps in the most sensible improvements;
  • Apply knowledge and ideas from Complex Systems thinking, Neuroscience and other evidence based approaches;


  • Connecting with customer needs before moving to a business plan;
  • Collaborating with the humans involved by connecting with their needs;
  • Focusing on kindness over ‘always being nice‘.


Background and other thoughts

Purpose as worded in my Ikigai 2018

I believe it can be very helpful to think about your purpose. Be it just for your professional life or extending to a holistic purpose that applies to all you do. A clear purpose helps you focus on doing what is important, selecting who you work with and find more joy and energy in your activities.

At prowareness, each calendar year we create a ‘(wo)man with a plan’ poster. This year (2018) we used the Ikigai format, which lead me to the purpose you find detailed on this page.

Purpose recorded in the Ikigai 2018 (full '(wo)man wit a plan' prowareness)

This page is currently crystallizing. This means that I may change stuff, update, remove and add to make the message clearer and the content more valuable.  You can help me improve this content by providing feedback, asking questions or other communication. So please tell me what you like, how it impacts you or what you are missing. Your input is always appreciated.