Hey everybody! We’re back with freshly recorded insights and practical tips for Product Owners, this time discussing two ways to say ‘No’. In this chat with Robbin Schuurman, he shares practical insights and tips from his own experience as a Product Owner, Professional Scrum Trainer and Agile Transformation Lead.

One of the most important skills of a Product Owner when working with Stakeholders is simply saying ‘no’. Because of this, Robbin is working on a book for Product Owners together with Willem Vermaak. The book describes 50 shades of ‘No!’, and as a sneak preview, Robbin shares two of those with us. Even more importantly; how they will help your mandate and Stakeholder collaboration as a Product Owner.

This Episode is the first of a new experimental format: we have a longer, in depth audio recording, and somewhere in the middle of it, we put a short focused topic, which is also released as a video. If you want to learn more about Robbin’s experiences, tips & tricks, please check out the FULL podcast interview on iTunes or in Soundcloud AND check the resources section below.

In the full interview we discuss many more topics, ranging from Scrum Team collaboration to Stakeholder management to Value steering (closing the feedback loop by implementing metrics and end-user validation). Also, we discuss the relevance of Scrum for non-IT environments with some examples. Finally, Robbin shares his highlight of the Scrum Guide, as well as explains why he loves his Apple products so much & what Product Owners can learn from Apple.


Please ask any question & provide feedback on any of the below channels. We aim to continually improve this series, therefore we highly value your feedback.

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  • Audio & Video recording at Prowarenss Studio Delft by Matthijs van Vliet
  • Audio Podcast editing by Sjoerd Kranendonk
  • Video editing and production by Matthijs van Vliet
  • Music from Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) under Creative Commons ‘By Attribution 3.0 License’

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