In this 5th podcast we chat with Matthias Orgler, a Product Development Expert & Agile Coach from Germany. He has experience working in startups in Silicon Vally and these days together with his colleagues at Dreimannzelt he helps businesses build awesome products. When he’s not helping businesses, he can be found on stage with one of his bands, working on his book (How to Prioritize Stories) or teaching an Agile Project Management class. And according to Matthias, students have a knack for asking the really good questions. So, the challenge is set and we dive in to our really good questions! We discuss diverse topics relating to backlog management. Topics include sizing & prioritizing stories, applying focus & collaborating with the development team and stakeholders.

Please enjoy this episode and feel free to follow up with me or Matthias via the below contact details. Special thanks to Michael Seidel for suggesting Matthias as a guest! PS we tried to record video on this Skype interview, but sadly that failed. The audio came out fine thankfully.


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