In this fourth episode of the podcast I chat with Wilbert Seele, my colleague at Prowareness. He’s an Agile Scaling expert and ‘Continuous Disruptor’. I asked him on the podcast not to discuss tips and tricks for the Product Owner, but to discuss the idea of a ‘Chief’ Product Owner and why he thinks that is a really bad idea or even a really, really, really bad idea. In this interview we also discuss the importance of knowing your problem, translating that into your process/product design and avoiding the sunk cost fallacy. And I diss accountants. To be sure: I do think there is value in doing proper accounting, as the right side of the manifesto: supporting the value adding activities and the individuals and interactions. So I meant it half-jokingly. And ironically we conclude our conversation with the advice to always take Product Ownership seriously! 😉


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  • Read more about the Sunk Cost fallacy and other thinking traps in Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman,_Fast_and_Slow


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