In this Focus topic, Sjoerd meets with Product Owner Edwin Wopereis to discuss the Validated learning board. Edwin is responsible for the Kramp Webshop. Kramp is a technical wholesalerand one-stop supplier of spare parts, technical services and business solutions to more than 40.000 dealers worldwide. Edwin works with multiple developments teams – located in the Netherlands & India – leading to interesting collaboration challenges. In this video Edwin shares his experience with the Validated Learning board to track and validate larger initiatives. He uses the board to help the team track and validate beyond the Sprint Review. It also helps challenge himself and stakeholders before starting development, to discuss how to know when you’re done.

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  • Audio & Video recording at Prowarenss Studio Delft by Matthijs van Vliet
  • Audio Podcast editing by Sjoerd Kranendonk
  • Video editing and production by Matthijs van Vliet
  • Music from Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons ‘By Attribution 3.0 License’

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