Or: a quick note on using the right language in your app (site).

Today I used the online system of my doctor to ask for a medicine I had previously got prescribed. Very nice to not have to go to the doctor or wait a long time before I get through to the doctor’s assistent. A good example of eHealth in practice.

In a step in this process I got asked to which part of my medical file I would like to refer. I know the body part and layman term for what I need the medicine for. But not the medical term. So I had no way of figuring out which part of my own medical file I had to refer to.  Too bad, because I guess this would have been easier for my doctor to process my request.

What can we learn from this?  Don’t just write <medical term> when  this only makes sense to the doctor, make sure it can be understood by all the users of the system, in particularly (in this case) the patient. Keep it simple, don’t make me think, and especially don’t make me confused!

So please use the language of the end-user in your interface!

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