June 1st, I will be starting a new, exciting part of my Agile journey by joining Prowareness. I am very excited about this, and you will probably hear more about it soon. However, a new employment often goes together with breaking up with a former employer. In my case, I see it as a friendly break up. Below is the mail I sent out to my soon-to-be former colleagues; the ones who deserve heaps of kudos & gratefulness for helping me on the Capgemini part of my professional journey for the past years.

‘Departure’ image by Andreia

Leaving Capgemini – A new chapter in my Agile journey

Dear colleagues,

Soon I will be leaving Capgemini, after having the pleasure of working here for almost 5 years. In the past years I have been given the opportunity to grow from a full stack web developer (Hippo, Java, front end, etc) into a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Community (re)starter, Blogger & Trainer. The majority of which I was able to do in collaboration with enthusiastic, smart & friendly colleagues in a challenging work environment. I am thankful to you all for this! 

Special shoutouts to all the people doing it for the <3 & passion. You give me great energy; DCX Bloggers old and new, Agile CTG! enthusiasts, Capgemini networkers, etc. You know who you are. Kudos!

Hope to meet again & with happy greetings,


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