Done vs Releasable
From not yet releasable to releasable and beyond to full quality

Done in your Scrum Team: does it have to be releasable? Spoiler: no way Jose! There’s a road to releasable and trying Scrum can help getting there. Done vs Releasable is about the difference of doing Scrum as intended and thus gaining maximum benefit, versus the long hard road to reach that state of pure transparency. In […]

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Creating customers – the purpose of any product
customer road sign pointing left with blue sky and white clouds background

Creating customers = not simply making your customers happy. Product-market fit Creating customers means finding a sustainable product-market fit. When found, the product is a solution for the customers who in turn create a market by their willingness to pay for it. It entails not just making a user happy, but turning a mere user […]

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Purpose of a product? Serve customer needs!

Recently I shared my thoughts on what should come first, your customer or your employees in a small post called ‘Customers First or employees first?’. Now I’d like to revisit this topic, because Steve Denning wrote a quite brilliant, comprehensive article about this topic. In this article I will apply Steve’s arguments to Products instead of […]

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Definition of done in sprint planning

When getting to grips with the Scrum framework for the first time, it may take awhile before the notion of “Done”, the Definition of Done, what they are for and how they can be used sinks in. One of the Scrum events where we use the Definition of Done is Sprint Planning. Product Backlog items […]

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Minimum quality

Minimum quality is constant & non-negotiable. This should be defined clearly and lived without compromise. However, some aspects of quality (above the defined/agreed minimum) could be considered luxury and are as such ‘promoted’ to features. For instance, when building cars, you want every car to pass mandatory safety regulations. And it may be your brand […]

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