What about Sjoerd? Here I hope to share what I’m all about. Activities, goals, links etc. Why I do all this? Check out my Purpose statement.

Who about Sjoerd

I am a coach, trainer & consultant working with a lean-agile mindset to help people and organizations find better ways of working; less waste, more & faster value delivered and intrinsic motivation. My purpose is: “Enabling Better Outcomes through Empricism & Compassion”. I try my best to choose the right tool for the job, using a lean and agile approach in my work while teaching and consulting organizations on theirs. I use my knowledge and experience as Professional Scrum Trainer (scrum.org PST), SAFe Program Consultant (SAFe SPC) & LeSS Practitioner when applicable, but don’t hesitate to advise or work with an approach that is new to me. Never stop learning, never stop growing, stumble & get on with it.

This is the motto that has lived in my mail signature for some time now. Failing (falling) is not a disaster, as long as we learn (get up again)!

Collaborate with Sjoerd

I do this together with my awesome colleagues at Prowareness – We On, the Agile Academy, Scrum.org and all the agilists in my global and local network. This includes people I connect & collaborate with at various clients. Please reach out to learn if there’s value in collaborating.

Connecting with (help from) Sjoerd

As a connector and aspiring knowledge hub I try to learn together and increase knowledge and understanding of ways to improve our work effectiveness and happiness. The Product Owner Perspective (podcast) is one of the ways I try to help the community while at the same time learning from Product Owner practitioners around the world.

If you want to learn more, have a Proecut Owner or story to share for the podcast or anything else…. reach out on a preferred medium and let’s learn together!

More places to find me or stuff I’m doing on the web: