Agile Coaches: helping or hindering?

Note: this was not intended as an article, but the linkedin update character limit forced my hand. Below is not as polished as I would like. If this content helps you in any way shape or form, please leave a comment to share your learning! Previously posted on linkedin here. As Mike writes in his […]

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Done vs Releasable
From not yet releasable to releasable and beyond to full quality

Done in your Scrum Team: does it have to be releasable? Spoiler: no way Jose! There’s a road to releasable and trying Scrum can help getting there. Done vs Releasable is about the difference of doing Scrum as intended and thus gaining maximum benefit, versus the long hard road to reach that state of pure transparency. In […]

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Purpose of a product? Serve customer needs!

Recently I shared my thoughts on what should come first, your customer or your employees in a small post called ‘Customers First or employees first?’. Now I’d like to revisit this topic, because Steve Denning wrote a quite brilliant, comprehensive article about this topic. In this article I will apply Steve’s arguments to Products instead of […]

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